Hello! I’m Dorian Speed, that is my honest-to-goodness real name, and I absolutely love what I do.

I would like to help you get good at the Internet.

“Convolare” means something along the lines of “fly together” OR – and this is key to the pun, here – “SPEED together.” It should be pronounced with a glass of vino in hand and your best approximation of an Italian accent.

I customize WordPress sites using the Genesis Framework from StudioPress. That means that I make sites that are secure, flexible, and user-friendly. I’ve worked with small businesses, faith-based organizations, special-interest websites, and bloggers.

I love WordPress because it makes it easy for you to update your own site. Once we have it looking and functioning the way you want it to, I’ll provide both “how-to” video clips and a thorough orientation to make sure that you are comfortable in the cockpit before you take off.

I also understand how to optimize your website and your writing for search engines and humans. (I prefer the company of humans, myself.) So if you’re looking for help with tweaking your copywriting, that’s another service I provide.

Web design is a creative process both in terms of the visual aspects of the site and the nerdier, “under the hood” stuff. I really enjoy both parts of the process and I’m learning new stuff all the time.

Want to know more? Check out my Frequently Asked Questions and fill out the New Client Questionnaire if you’re ready to get started.

Matthew SpeedThis is my husband, Matthew Speed. Technically “retired” from the software business, he still possesses a robust skill set. He’s a 15 year IT veteran developing enterprise inter/intranet applications and managing internet architecture. Certified in SQL Server and Cold Fusion he is proficient in VB.Net, and Classic ASP. He’s currently working in C# and has past experience with AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Oracle and Informix. Matthew is a MSCE/MCDBA.

So if you’re looking for something that’s really souped-up, Matthew is your guy.

Brandon Kraft - Coffea Web DesignOn some projects, I work with Brandon Kraft of Coffea Web Services for the heavy lifting. Brandon built the membership directory for the new Victoria Chamber of Commerce site and he’s great at creating solutions.

Brandon Kraft started building websites in 1996 and hasn’t looked back. In addition, Brandon has worked in ministry enabling him to relate well with folks with little to no technical understanding and the reality of having to do the most with a limited budget. Brandon combines these skill sets to be able to give you sound advice about your needs online, explaining the various options without confusing you in technical jargon.

While technology has changed greatly since 1996, one thing remains the same: the Internet exists to serve users. From the former era of image maps to today’s responsive design frameworks, Brandon believes in using the most efficient and effective technology along with the industry’s best practices to deliver results for you.