Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

My WordPress design packages are usually in the $1,500-$3,000 range. I will give you an estimate after we talk about various factors including your design goals, the scope of the project, branding, and site enhancements like email newsletters, specialized forms, social media profiles, and more. This client questionnaire will help us get started by familiarizing me with your needs.

Do you do ongoing maintenance?

I typically do not offer ongoing maintenance, but every design package includes a comprehensive orientation in how to use the various parts of your website. If you need someone to provide regular service, I can refer you to other designers who are very skilled in working with WordPress and the Genesis Framework. I do maintain a relationship with every client and occasionally am available to make small changes to sites on an hourly basis. I choose not to offer website maintenance because I prefer to give my current projects my full attention during the design process, which can be challenging if I’m also trying to juggle the needs of several people at once.

Do you offer web hosting?

I am a reseller for HostGator and offer two levels of  hosting to my own design clients.

Managed hosting: $15/month, a rate which includes weekly backups of the site, keeping the website plug-ins updated, and the restoration of the site from the most recently created backup as often as once a month. This does not include “debugging” of the site should it become infected with malware.

Basic hosting: $6/month, which does not include backups and updates to the site. HostGator does make regular backups and has a separate fee structure for restoring an earlier version of a website.

How do you bill – on a project basis, or by the hour?

I typically do not charge by the hour except for occasional work for preexisting clients. I charge for the project as a whole and will book you on my design calendar after receiving your deposit of 40%. If you would like to hire me for production work, my rate is $90/hour or $75/hour for registered nonprofits.

Do you offer copywriting services?

I bill on an hourly basis for basic “tweaking” of website copy to make it more search-engine-friendly. I’m also available on a project basis for more comprehensive writing services.

The process begins with a one-hour consultation by phone, Skype, or gmail chat, during which time I’ll get a full understanding of your website’s needs. I’ll follow up with a detailed memo via email outlining specific recommendations for optimizing your website. This initial consultation is $150.

You can view my past publications and experience via my profile at LinkedIn.

Do you offer print design?

Yes. My hourly rates apply.

If I redesign my current blog, does that mean I’ll lose my existing content?

No. Everything you’ve already created from a content standpoint will remain the same – your blog posts, existing pages, image, etc. The look of your site will change. You will be able to post and add information to the sidebar(s) as needed. I do strongly suggest that you make a full backup of your current blog before we begin.

What do you do with my username and password?

Your username and password will not be shared with anyone for any reason. My standard procedure is to create a separate login for myself on your site so that you can go ahead and change your password and later remove me as an administrator once the design process has ended. Once we get started, I will need your login credentials for your domain name registrar, your current web host (if applicable) and other relevant information, but I will keep that information private.