As a magazine focused on arts and literature, excellence in design was for us an absolute must when it came to redesigning our website. Dorian Speed so thoroughly exceeded our expectations–combining top-notch design skills with technical savvy–that we had to bring her on board as a permanent part of our team. I now regularly receive messages from readers praising the beauty of our website.

-Bernardo Aparicio, Dappled Things Literary Magazine

One of the best decisions I ever made was to hire Dorian Speed to redesign and re-build my website from scratch. After a few tough years with the old site, I brought Dorian in to look things over. I already knew her by reputation, since she had done work for other sites I liked very much. She has a great talent for capturing the spirit of a site, including the mission and personality of its owners. She’s also very sharp with integrating ideas and technology, and making the site inviting, user-friendly, on-task, and ultimately, effective in achieving its goals.

Our site now finally expresses the kind of traditional hospitality and upbeat, cutting-edge spirit of innovation and creativity that we were looking for but were not able to achieve with our old team. Dorian is proactive and assertive with ideas, which was a profound advantage for me, since I’m not technologically savvy. When I couldn’t answer all of her excellent questions, she gave me an array of options that helped me understand what was possible and see the potential of my own site. She’s also got great taste.

I continue to rely on her for technical support, and to help me parse opportunities for monetizing and upgrading the site as new options become available. She is a brilliant, funny person who is a true joy to work with, a designer and site manager of great talent and enthusiasm. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– Lisa Mladinich, Amazing Catechists

Working with Dorian was an absolute joy. She possesses the two things that I believe every good web designer needs: strong technical skills and the ability and desire to meet a client’s design needs. She worked closely with me to ensure that my site represented my personality and lent itself to meeting my professional goals. Her work was so impressive that my publisher later borrowed from the design when they crafted the cover for my recently released book. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

– Hallie Lord, Betty Beguiles

Dorian provided design and technical services for my new blog. She worked tirelessly. She offered me suggestions and options that I’d not considered and that greatly improved the website. She was creative, prompt and very helpful. I have blogged for ten years, but Dorian’s vision helped me expand *my* vision of what a blog can be.

– Amy Welborn, Booked: A Travel Blog

Dorian transformed our website and helped us expand our audience with social networking and other innovative marketing tools. She brought creativity and style, intelligence and wit, as well as common sense and strong communication skills to the project.

– Jonathan Potter, Korrektiv Press

Dorian Speed worked with me on the creation of a website for Alphonse, an commercial-artistic project of mine. She paid attention to my overall concept for the site and the particular features I was after, and remained responsive throughout the process. She made helpful suggestions. When what I wanted clashed with sensible web design, she gave thorough explanations as to why. When there were snags or even simply desired tweaks, she was diligent and prompt in taking care of them. I would happily recommend her to anyone seeking a website that balances aesthetic appeal and functional ease.

– Matthew Lickona, Alphonse

I love Dorian, period. She was great to work with, did fabulous work, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She also designed our parish website and does the full gamut of web design work.

You get her sense of humor for no extra charge. (I think it’s worth paying for, myself.)

– Sarah Reinhard, Snoring Scholar and St. Joseph – Plain City